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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

There is Hope for Preemies!

Hi my name is Grace Bonilla and I live in El Salvador, Central America. 21 years ago I had my third child. My first two pregnancies were hard since for some reason when I got to 7 months into the pregnancy labor would start - my first born was a preemie at 36 weeks weighing 5 pounds, two years later I had my daughter and despite bedrest and medication to avoid premature contractions she was born at approximately 7 months weighing 3 pounds. When my husband and I discovered we were having another child a scarce 5 months after our daughter was born we dreaded having another premature baby, but we did. My son Juan Diego was born at 26 weeks weighing a pound and a half. Prognosis was grim, when I saw him in the incubator he looked so small and yet completely formed and resembling his older brother, the doctors prepared us for the worst and gave us a run in of all the complications he could present. It is a true miracle that he survived all those years ago in a third world country and a regular nursery not even close to the technology of a NICU in the states. But God had other plans for my son and despite staying 3 months in the hospital and several health issues that are not directly related to his premature birth, he turned 21 this August 21st and has brought many blessings to our family.
After my son was born I was very nervous about seeing such a tiny baby and thought he would be transparent or not completely formed, and it was a real shock to see such a tiny human so small yet so completely and utterly beautiful. My son is the perfect example of a true fighter and the strength of the human spirit. All children should be given the chance to live and bless this world and it does not matter how small, once the gift of life has been bestowed upon us, we are all human despite our size.
Sadly we were told that he would not survive and for that reason refused to take pictures of him when he was in the hospital but he fit in my hand and I can send you a copy of his birth chart if needed. Thankfully he defied the odds.

This is my son on the day of his graduation, a beautiful, special, blessed young man who has filed my life like we never imagined.

Kind Regard,
Grace Bonilla

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