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Monday, August 10, 2015

An Amazing Adoption Story

Today we have a beautiful story from a sweet girl named Arlee.
"This is my daughter. She was born in February, 2009. When I was 14 I was sexually assaulted and I never told anyone. I ended up pregnant and homeless. I can't tell you how many people told me I should consider abortion. That it was the best thing to do. Around 5 months pregnant I got into a program for pregnant homeless women and it was there that I made the decision for adoption. The day that she was born was the scariest and most amazing day of my life. She was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I got to watch the adoptive parents with her and I knew that I was making the right decision, although it was heart breaking going home empty handed and to be honest 7 years later it's still hard. I know she is happy healthy and loved more than she could ever know. 💕"
Thank you so much Arlee for sharing your story. Thank you for being so brave and for choosing life for your sweet little girl. What an amazing mother you are!


  1. You are a very strong woman for choosing adoption and not abortion !! God Bless you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of love and courage. I am an adoptee. When I was 34 I met my birthmother for the first time. Both of us were praying for many years that we would someday meet. That day came, and it was the happiest day in my life. I asked about my birthfather and learned that I was a rape conceived child. I was shocked of course, and asked her how she could carry me in her body for 9 months. She said she loved me from the moment she knew she was pregnant and wanted the best life for me. She said why would she want to destroy the only GOOD thing that happened from that attack. She felt adoption was the best thing for me and I agree! I had a wonderful life free from any stigma of being rape conceived and had the best adoptive parents a child could have. They instilled faith, love and care for others in me. My adopted mom and dad are gone now, as is my birthmother. I thank God every day for them. I am so grateful for my life! I am a pro life advocate and speaker in So. California area.

  3. I adopted many years agp knowing that she had special needs
    She is an adult now still with special needs and a wonderful human been