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Within days of posting my photo and message on Facebook, I had hundreds of people messaging me with their own similar stories. I felt like so many of us go through hard times in life, but we don't always have people to talk to. I want everyone to know that they are not alone! If you want to comment on my stories, please do, but please keep them kind.

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  1. God bless you for caring & sharing. Your story brought tears to my eyes... I lost a baby... 50 years ago, while on birth control pills. (Birth control was to prevent a pregnancy my body wouldn't carry to term because of "...damage..." I sustained during a previous childbirth.) I lost that baby & knew I couldn't dare risk another pregnancy. At age 36 I had surgery to insure I wouldn't get pregnant again. My Dr. told me... Your little boys need you. Don't take a chance of dying & leaving them, without a Mom. We had two sons & I focused on them, thankful to have them but I did grieve the baby that couldn't stay. Thank you for being bold & caring & reaching out to hurting Moms. Women are often expected to stuff down their feeling & go on. This happens when women lose an unborn child too. They need to be able to grieve & be validated in their grief. Thank you for having the sensitivity to write this blog in order to help other women who are grieving.

  2. This is heartbreaking.
    I don't know why the doctors didn't try. I have friends who's baby was 22 weeks gestation when he was born, and survived. He went home on his due date. and is normal in all ways. Who told you that they don't try to save babies that premature?

    1. They just said that they won't do anything until 24 weeks. I know that there are doctors out there who will try, but I couldn't find any around here. They aren't legally required to do anything until 24 weeks.

  3. So sorry this happened to you but you are Amazing! You are using your blog to help so many and giving other grieving moms a place to share. Heavenly Father loves you and your whole family will be together someday. Until then keep loving each other and thank you. VT

  4. As I read your story I have tears running down my cheeks. I am so sorry that you lost your precious Chase and Cooper. We lost our Emma at 20 weeks but I carried her until her identical twin was ready to be born at 40 weeks this past March. I live in moments of complete breathlesness as i think about how much my heart grieve Emma.

  5. My granddaughter was born sleeping on September 10th, 2014...so I understand your pain...TY for sharing your children with the world...

  6. I had twin girls in 1967 at 23 weeks, 1 lb 9 oz, 1 lb 14 oz. The doctor, a GP, was just a small town doc, said their hearts & lungs were under-developed & didn't try to save them. I was devastated, of course. Back then mothers weren't allowed to see, touch, or even get a glimpse of a baby that was going to die. I did see the first one, just a glance, I knew she was discolored. I thought she had her eyes open, maybe I just imagined it. It wasn't until I saw your photo that I know more what my girls must have really looked like...Thank you & God Bless you for sharing not only your photo but your life & your pain. I am sorry for your loss, I know the heartbreak you're going through.